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There are different opinions about the benefits of wearing a tongue ring. Some may see it as a way to express their style and personality.If you are looking for high-quality and affordable tongue piercing jewelry, you should check out Wholesale tongue piercing jewelry Factory. ZESENLIN is a leading tongue piercing jewelry manufacturer.

You can wear different kinds of jewelry with different types of tongue piercings. The most common type is the midline tongue piercing, which sits in the center of the tongue and usually uses a straight bar. The other is side tongue piercing, which is placed on both sides of the tongue, and a straight barbell or ring can also be used. One of the more unique types is the snake eye piercing, which looks like two nails on the tip of the tongue but is actually connected by a horizontal bar inside the tongue. Other types include frenulum piercings through the sublingual tissue, ventral piercings through the tissues above the tongue, vertical or horizontal tongue piercings across the length or width of the tongue, and apical piercings, through the tip of the tongue.Another type of jewelry is the ring, which can be used for side tongue piercings or frenulum linguae piercings. Some other types of jewelry include curved barbells, circular barbells, spike barbells, and ball closure rings.

We produce our jewelry with the highest standards of quality and safety and offer attractive prices direct from our factory.Whether you want to express your style or personality with your tongue piercing, you can find the perfect jewelry for you at ZESENLIN. Visit our website today and browse their amazing collection of tongue piercings. You will not regret it!

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