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Wholesale dermal anchor is a type of body piercing that involves inserting a small metal base under the skin, which can hold a decorative top on the surface. Dermal anchors can be placed on various parts of the body, such as the face, neck, chest, back, or fingers. Dermal anchors are also known as dermal piercing,  microdermal piercings or single-point piercings.

Dermal anchors are different from other piercings because they do not have an exit point. Instead, the metal base has small holes that allow the skin to grow around it and anchor it in place. The top part of the jewelry can be screwed on and off the base and can be changed to different designs or colors.

Some of the benefits of dermal anchors are that they are versatile, customizable, and unique. They can also create the illusion of floating jewelry on the skin.

We are professional wholesale dermal anchor factory & manufacturer.If you are interested in getting a dermal anchor, you should consult with dermal piercing manufacturer. ZESENLIN will be your best choice.

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