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"Hello, everyone.
My name is Edith Liu, a director of jewellery designer in Zesenlin Technology Company. I am honored to join in this big family and lead our design team to develop the new products. This is the sixth year for me to work in this field of jewellery design. I have worked as a senior jewellery designer for two listed jewellery companies. During 2019 to 2022, I won many awards of jewellery design at home and abroad. Zesenlin is an international light fashion jewellery company with avant-garde fashion, innovative design, new style and independent research and development capability. To design jewellery that are beautiful, have bountiful meanings and are appealing at first sight by customers is our biggest pursuit all the time, I always think that every product has its own vitality. Every design tells a toughing story Bring light fashion jewellery into everyone’s life. Let Zesenlin fashion jewellery tell a wonderful story to the world."
"This is Barbara who is in charge of foreign trading department since the beginning of 2020 that is very impressed time because of the COVID-19 was spreading 
As a manager of this department. I focus on the business development from our target market, management and coordination of our team members. The Best Customers Buying experience is always our first objective. With this objective in mind, I always know what the customers need and try my best to earn their satisfactions. Through my patience and earnest attitudes, our products and services are always acclaimed by many clients of our company. As for me, the mission of mine is keep going to learn more skills and develop more business in different markets. Finally, thanks for our boss and company that give me this position to present my value."
"My name is Selina Xiao. I have more than 10 years of foreign trade experience. I am honored to join the big family of Zesenlin technology company in 2021. In my foreign trade career for more than ten years, I have made many customer friends from various countries. I always regard my every customer as my friend, try my best to treat and serve them well like friends and think about what customers think and do what customers want. As a sophisticated person in this field, I am very familiar with communicating with our clients and always offer them the best options they really want. It is easy for me to understand their requirements and know which products are suitable for them. With my experiences, there are many customers choose to return again and buy our products."


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